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Nikah & Marriage Procedure

NAIFCENTER Nikkah/Marriage Procedure

If you would like to be married at NAIFCENTER or request the Imam to officiate your wedding ceremony, you must complete the following steps:

Islamic Requirements:

Step 1: The Islamic Wedding contract is a solemn oath between the spouses and families and their responsibility to each other in front of Allah (God) which requires:

  • The offer of marriage and acceptance freely and willingly
  • The Mahr (Dowry) gift, given to the Bride, by the Groom
  • The “Wali” Guardian of bride be if available
  • Two witnesses* for the Nikkah Ceremony from each side

*The bride and groom must provide at least two Muslim, male witnesses for their nikkah ceremony, of which the “Wali” does not qualify. NAIF will not provide these witnesses.

Legal Requirements:

Step 2: Obtain Marriage License from your Local County Courthouse few days before the nikah. Both Bride and Groom must go in person for this and inform the county that your imam will facilitate the nikah.

The original marriage license and the provided return envelope need to be given to the Imam on the day of your Premarital Counseling Session or by the Nikkah Date at the latest. It will take not more than a week for Nikah to be registered. 2 Certificates of Marriage will be ordered.

Administrative Requirements:

Step 3: Submit Nikkah Service Request form. Please be sure to do this at least two weeks prior to the ceremony. Once your information is received the office of the Imam will work on securing an officiant as well as scheduling the mandatory Premarital Counseling Session if requested.

Step 4: Schedule your counseling session. Our premarital counseling is designed for the couple to gain greater insight into a harmonious marriage that is guided by Islamic teachings and principles. We pray that this process prepares both of you for the journey ahead.

Step 5: Submit documents and administrative fee.

  • Marriage Licenses and provided return envelope
  • NAIF Marriage Application Form
  • Administrative fee:
    • Donation to NAIF: $250
    • Imam fee $250
  • Policy Regarding travel of Imam: Imam may come from far distance and will be restricted to time provided. If ceremony delayed beyond reasonable times, Imam reserves the right to leave and request you to re-schedule the ceremony. Which will require new Administrative fee.

Step 6: (optional) Reserving NAIFCENTER for the ceremony.

  1. All must obey NAIFCENTER code of conduct.
  2. Center will be available for maximum of two hours.
  3. Facility use agreement must be completed and signed by the applicant.